Fresno cop investigated for auto theft, drugs

FRESNO, Calif.

"They will be asking a lot of questions, serious questions, questions that may be very difficult to answer," said ABC30 legal analyst Tony Capozzi.

No charges have been filed against Alfred Campos, but this is the second time his fellow officers have served a warrant at his Fresno house.

It started when Campos took a stolen pickup truck for repairs, according to the warrant. The investigation initially involved auto theft detectives, but a couple discoveries led them to bring in drug-sniffing dogs.

A cloud of suspicion is once again hovering over Alfred Campos. According to a newly filed search warrant, the 38-year-old Fresno police officer took a pickup truck to Michael Cadillac for repairs in late January. But mechanics noticed the vehicle identification number -- the VIN -- had been altered, so they called the cops.

Turns out, the truck was a 2008 Chevy reported stolen from a dealership clear across the country, in Fairfax, Va. Less than three months later, Campos had registered the truck in his name, as a 2011 Chevy.

Capozzi says it could've been an innocent mistake.

"He may have purchased the pickup with that VIN on there and took it to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register it and if there was no kickback from the DMV he may not have understood this truck was stolen," he said.

But Campos was under suspicion once before, in 2006. Fresno police served a warrant on his home and found more than four pounds of meth and more than $70,000 in cash. None of it was found in Campos' room.

A half-brother was convicted on a drug felony, but Campos was never charged and returned to work at the police department a year later.

Illegal drugs are often moved in stolen vehicles, according to the new search warrant. So detectives brought in a drug-sniffing dog. Sure enough, they say the dog alerted on two locations in the truck.

Capozzi says the discovery proves nothing, but it should lead to more questions.

"You put the two and two together and there may be an investigation into whether he's involved in the narcotics trade," he said.

Action News never got to ask any questions. The curtains moved when our reporter knocked on Campos' door, but nobody answered the door.

His attorney told Action News there's an administrative case right now based on possible criminal allegations, but he didn't want to say much more.

Campos is on paid, administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

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