Rush is on to file taxes by April 15 deadline

FRESNO, Calif.

You either have to submit your taxes online or get them postmarked by the end of the day on Tuesday. Tax preparers are busy now filing before the deadline. After that, they spend time with those who either waited far too long or messed up their paperwork.

With just about a day left on this year's tax season, people like Ralston Courtney are in a hurry to file.

"I think it's very stressful and very frustrating," said Courtney.

That, he says, is why he never files his own taxes anymore.

John Smart owns the Liberty Tax office in the Manchester Center. He says a lot of people are filing online, but business is still going strong in his store.

"We do taxes day in and day out here, so there's a lot more expertise that goes on. A lot of people don't want to be responsible for their own mistakes on their tax returns," said Smart.

The office was slow during our visit, but Smart says they are keeping busy making sure clients meet the big April 15 deadline.

"You are less likely to be audited going to a reputable tax preparation company than you are going to some smaller mom and pop shops," he said.

National companies -- like Liberty Tax -- tend to offer extra support in the event your tax filing is incorrect or missing something, which is what keeps these places running the rest of the year.

"We do a lot of repairs for people who have done their returns incorrectly; that especially happens during the summer time where they get notices from the IRS that they forgot something," said Smart.

As for Courtney, he's happy with this year's return.

"I'm going to be getting some money back," he said.

If tax season makes you grumpy, here's some good news: budget cuts at the IRS mean the chances of being audited are the lowest they've been since the 1980s.

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