Clovis Rodeo officially underway

FRESNO, Calif.

The cowboys are ready for the 100th annual Clovis Rodeo, riding and wrestling their way inside the arena. But the Clovis Rodeo, like Rome, wasn't built overnight. So we went back in time at the Clovis Museum to see how it got started.

Peg Bos said, "By women of course. The Clovis women's club, basically Mrs. Armstrong and Lulu McMertry decided it was time to have a party. One of the things about Clovis, you always want to party, okay we're always enjoying something so they started the Clovis Festival."

Longtime Clovis resident and museum president Peg Bos showed us how the Clovis Festival became the Clovis Rodeo.

The rodeo has evolved over time, but has kept many traditions like the parade and reunions for families.

Chuck Rigsbee added, "I'm sure I was a baby in my mom's arms, sitting in the stands, watching what was going on. As a kid, there is where we were the last weekend in April."

For decades, the rodeo has been a family affair for Clovis Rodeo Association president Chuck Rigsbee and his brother.

Both say, that although the city of Clovis has changed over the years. It will always have a common bond with the Clovis Rodeo.

"It brings the old time families together, the new families and faces," said Chuck Rigsbee. "It just brings everyone together this time of the year."

And with the Clovis Rodeo reaching its centennial celebration, many hope this western tradition and way of life will continue for generations to come.

The museum is open this weekend for those who want to get a closer look at the city and rodeo's history.

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