Gang violence escalating in east Hanford

HANFORD, California

Pedro Reyna said, "I got grandkids that come to see me every day and I'm afraid they'll start shooting while they're out there."

Reyna says two shootings on Sunday and Monday just a block away from each other, have his family scared.

Hanford police admit there's been an increase in gang violence on the east side of the city. The shootings are just the latest.

Lt. George Hernandez with the Hanford Police Department said, "Both shootings are following an incident the week prior where a gentleman was stabbed in the back several times. He was identified as a sureno gang member and we believe that was also gang-related."

At around 9pm Sunday night, police say several cars were hit on Tenth and White streets after witnesses called police about hearing between four and five gunshots and then seeing several people run away.

Then, just six hours later, a house was shot at on East Ivy Street, around the corner from where the first shooting happened. Police say the bullet went through a front room where a family was sleeping.

Lt. Hernandez said, "They were shaken up there was apparently two adults and one child sleeping in the front room apparently the round penetrated the residence and I believe they say it lodged in the speaker of a stereo system."

People who live in this neighborhood say the violence is escalating because two rival gangs live so close to each other. They're hoping police can patrol more at night, to keep them safe, and avoid hearing the gunfire at night.

Police say they're actively following up on leads relating to the shootings and stabbings, but if you have any information you're asked to call them immediately.

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