Fresno woman planning for success with new business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Monisha Edwards calls herself a to-do list person.

"I usually get a brand new calendar for all my goals and to do lists and I couldn't find one that I liked."

After searching, she decided to make her own planner and now she wants others to get organized. Edwards runs Truth Branding Agency and used that background to launch "Brand Lunch." The planners have fun sayings and designs.

"Some of the sayings I have is "Booked and Bougie" because, of course, I am a business owner and I would like to stay booked while I'm being bougie. Some of the other planners I have is secure the bag."

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Empowering messages for women in a fun way. Edwards also sells notebooks and other office accessories.

Prices for the planner start at $21.

Edwards said what makes her planners different is the layout. In addition to daily activities, goals, meetings, and habits are listed.

"A lot of business-minded women that I know still go by paper and pen, no matter how many electronic devices that they have."

Edwards said writing down things is not a thing of the past and can help you become successful.

"A goal is just a goal when you write it down, you really have to take action. The planner aspect of it, it'll be for you to actually set timelines and dates and action of how you're going to accomplish goals."

Edwards next goal is to make a financial planner to help women get on track too.
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