China Peak Ski Resort prepares for final snow weekend

The China Peak Mountain Resort is ready to prepare for the summer season.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday was a slow day at the coffee and deli shop in Shaver Lake. Even selling the world-famous chunky bread isn't helping.

"It's been tough on all of the businesses up here because there's been so much snow. And just trying to dig out. It's impacted our business dramatically because of the amount of snow." said Norman Kato.

He has owned this business for about 17 years. Kato is hopeful the summer season will help pick up after a slow winter season.

"We'll get a big influx of business, everyone from the valley. As soon as it gets 104 degrees down in the valley, everyone will be at the lake. That's kind of the tradition over the years." said Kato.

Kato said he is ready to welcome the flood of visitors in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the China Peak Mountain Resort is ready to prepare for the summer season. But only after one last weekend of skiing and snowboarding on the slopes.

Management said the area received a record amount of snow, with over 700 inches falling on the mountains.

"It was an amazing season with the record snowfall. We were able to be open for seven months, longer than we've been open before in the season,"

Morris said with so much snowfall came an abundance of challenges.

"Lots of shoveling. Lots of weight on top of our buildings. We had a couple of buildings collapse and or have some damage happen to them and then, of course, lots and lots of exploding water pipes,"

He said that because of the huge snow piles, they haven't been able to make any improvements or repairs.

For example, only a few lifts will be open this weekend because of power issues. The lifts running are hooked up to portable generators. So, while there's still plenty of snow on the ground, Morris said they're ready for it to melt so work can begin, and guests can move on to summer activities.

For more information on what you can expect this weekend, click here.