Fresno teens give back by helping kids get ready to go back to school

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's back to school season, and while many parents are shelling out some serious cash for new supplies and clothing many Valley families don't have the means to do the same.

On Friday, nine-year-old Joselyn Villanueva got a new outfit for the school year.

"It's beautiful," said Joselyn Villanueva about her new dresses and sandals.

The clothing was provided by donations from Styled 2 Smile, which was started by Macie Sanchez.

"Back to school shopping has always been a big deal in my family and I realized that not every kid gets to experience that, so I wanted to give every child a chance to experience that because that's something I look forward to."

Sanchez got some help from her fellow friends to raise more than $1,700 for clothing to provide to kids. She went shopping for each kid and explains, "It was fun, it was kind of stressful because you want to make sure you get what they want and that it fits and everything."

Friday, the teens gave clothing and shoes to kids through the Holy Cross Center for Women. Their reaction was priceless.

"One boy that gotten Jordan shoes seemed super excited and he was like 'thank you so much and I was like, 'yeah I picked those out.' It was a good experience and seeing all the families was super nice," said Jordan Jone, volunteer.

The teens said they learned a valuable lesson.
"Just be grateful for what you have because you don't know how good you have it," said Jacqueline Barco, volunteer.

The teens hope to expand their efforts next year.

Holy Cross Center for Women says the donations come at a crucial time and they are always in need. Teen Johnathan Hurtado is using his passion for music to bring people together and will host a music and pasta night.

"Biola is, I believe an underserved community, having lived by there for 15 years of my life. I feel the need to help them out."

Proceeds will buy school supplies and go toward an after-school program to provide music to the school.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 559-960-0534.
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