World Ag Expo top 10 cutting edge products

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The World Ag Expo kicked off on Tuesday and below is a list of top 10 items:

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Thousands of Ag enthusiast from around the world will stop by and check out the latest in agricultural technology at the world Ag Expo in Tulare.

GUSS - GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System)
Kingsburg, CA
GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System) is the world's first fully robotic, driverless orchard sprayer. GUSS can be used to spray multiplw types of crops such as almond, pistachio, stone fruit trees and more.

GUSS utilizes GPS, lasers, and other vehicle sensors to guide itself through orchard rows and was created to help alleviate labor challenges.

A single operator in a control van can monitor four to eight GUSS sprayers at a time.

Paso Robles, CA
The ANDROS MegaBinder LRV is the fastest and most efficient Ag Film recycling system on the market. It retrieves and compacts Drip-tape and Mulch film into dense, uniform rolls for easy handling.

The MegaBinder is offered in 4 models, 3pt. tractor-powered, Pull-behind tractor powered, Pull behind w/self-contained power supply, and Goose-neck or bumper pull models w/self-contained power supply, and hydraulic multi-roll dumping platform.

The MegaBinder is equipped with a retrieval head that allows growers to add multiple lines of film or drip-tape on-the-fly.

Metalcraft of Ga, Inc. - Metalcraft 2614 TILT
Louisville, GA
The Metalcraft TILT scraper will utilizes tilt sensors and GPS controls to create precision slopes without the need of bulldozers and motor graders. The operator can choose from three different modes of operation-- Manual, Auto Slope, or Auto GPS.

The Metalcraft system utilizes the tractors solenoid switches to operate all scraper functions and will work with any brand of GPS controller.

Lindsay Corporation - Pivot Control Lite
Omaha, NE

Pivot Control Lite from FieldNET by Lindsay is a simple, cost-effective add-on option for remote monitoring and control of almost any brand of electric center pivot. the company syas it is an especially great solution for growers who are operating multiple brands of pivots or pivots on leased land, where they have no ownership of the pivot but want the benefits of remote monitoring and control.

Pivot Control Lite includes an integrated cellular modem and on-board GPS, which gives growers the ability to precisely control the amount of water that is applied.

Cargill Animal Nutrition - Reveal Analysis
Elk River, MN
Reveal Analysis service from Cargill is the first to offer instant, lab quality forage analysis via a convenient handheld device and smartphone app.

The company says by combining Cargill's global forage database with SCiO, the world's first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer, dairy producers now have the power a lab in the palm of their hands. Dairy producers can now quickly determine the dry matter of their forage to make ration adjustments in real-time.

The app saves an electronic record of each analysis that can be conveniently labeled and shared via text or email.

Hydrox Technologies - Solar Shrink Mulch Film
Sumner Park, Queensland, Australia
Solar Shrink plastic mulch film, developed by Hydrox Technologies in Australia is manufactured to have shrinking forces trapped into the plastic. Sunlight heats the plastic and causes it to shrink tightly to the growing bed, preventing the sheet from flapping in the wind.

Being stronger and containing extra UV light protection, Solar Shrink can be easily picked up by machine at the end of the season, with minimal loose debris, saving time and money.

Sweco Products Inc. - Sweco Orchard Master
Sutter, CA
The Orchard Master is designed to incorporate any weeds or harvesting debris into the soil using a newly designed ground driven incorporating roller.

This roller follows a series of rippers that open the ground for it to break up the soil and incorporate the debris. Following the roller is a shaper bucket that levels the soil and leaves a nice flat surface for the rear roller drum to compact the soil.

The company says the machine is designed to eliminate the growers need to use a mower, disc, land plane and roller.

Truck Claws - TruckClaws /TruckClawsII / TruckClaws Quick Connect
Harrisonburg, VA
TruckClaws are a patent-pending, all-season truck traction aid to help drivers get unstuck.

TruckClaws feature a traction cleat that attaches to a drive tire on the rear of a vehicle with a customized reinforced strap and heavy-duty ratchet. The devices can free a truck stuck in mud, snow, ice and sand and may be installed over tire chains but also work great without them.

Environmental Technologies Inc - Thymox Footbath 1p
Selah, WA
Thymox is a highly concentrated liquid footbath effective at controlling hairy heel warts, digital dermatitis.

Hairy heel warts have been plaguing the life of dairy farmers for over 30 years, and the disease is now the second most costly infectious disease found in dairies and does not have an easy treatment. To control the disease multiple measures must be used, among which are footbaths.

Thymox Footbath 1P is a replacement solution for dairy farmers who want to protect their health and their land. Unlike Copper Sulfate and Formalin, Thymox Footbath 1P has the advantage of not burning the skin. It instead allows the wounds to heal naturally.

Natural healing helps prevents future infection on the hoof, which in turn reduces the risk of infection of other cows.

Eno Scientific LLC - Well Watch 700
Hillsborough, NC
The Well Watch 700 is an intelligent water well management system for agricultural applications. According to the company, the sensor monitors water levels using sound waves, providing real time level data down to 7000 ft.

The hardware is easy to install, external to the well and built to last. There is no risk of well contamination, no well decommissioning during installation and no equipment to risk being sucked into the pump.
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