Tips to stay safe as dense fog returns to the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The recent rains have led the start of the fog season. CHP reported several accidents this morning due to people driving too fast.

Once the dense valley fog rolls in at night, it tends to stick around for a while. Visibility was poor in many areas but unfortunately, some drivers carry on as if it was a sunny day. That can make for a dangerous commute.

Richard Centeno of Fresno urged people to, "Slow down. Be safe. That way you can make it home to your families, you know."

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It takes several hours for the fog to burn off so driving in the morning can be a challenge.

CHP officer Victor Taylor said it's important people keep basic safety tips in mind. Taylor explained, "We've seen an increase in traffic collisions because we're having our drivers, they're not traveling with their headlights on and they're not traveling at safe speeds in the fog."

If you don't have to make that trip or you can wait to take care of errands until the sun breaks through, that would be ideal.

Shannon Barnes had a message for motorists. She said, "Just to be alert, drive slow, watch out for other traffic and other pedestrians."

It's also a good idea for pedestrians and cyclists to wear reflective clothing if they have to be out in the fog.

Country roads can be particularly problematic for motorists. Taylor added, "You want people to go ahead and slow down, use your flashers if necessary and if you're in a rural area, make sure when you come to an intersection, roll down your windows so you can hear those vehicles."

You've heard the fog tips before but they are worthy reminders to keep everyone safe.
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