Proposal to build new homes in certain Clovis location facing backlash

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The pecan orchard just outside of the Clovis city limits could soon make way for new homes.

Developer Leo Wilson is looking to turn the land near the northeast corner of Shepherd and Sunnyside into housing, but not everyone is on board with the proposed project.

"I maintain that it's too quick to make this type of decision," says Jill Poulsen. "We need further data."

The Clovis City Council is scheduled to hear a request from Wilson Monday night to consider an amendment to the city's "Sphere of Influence" to allow homes to be built on the 75-acre plot of land.

The orchard currently sits in county property and would need to be annexed into the City of Clovis.

Poulsen is expected to join other neighbors to voice their concerns during the meeting.

"The City of Clovis comes up with a master plan every few years, and usually they wait until the next time they come up with a master plan to make a change like this," Poulsen said. "This is not a normal thing to ask to have the sphere of influence changed."

According to the city, official requests to change the Sphere Of Influence outside of the master plan process because they are expensive and time-consuming.

"Because this is a request from an applicant, we have a duty to vet that," says senior planner Ricky Caperton. "Part of doing that is bringing that request to the council to provide staff direction to either move forward or not."
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