Clovis Unified parents discuss distance learning

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Parents and teachers across the Valley are adapting to the new challenges of distance learning.

When it comes to distance learning, the Tovars have four times the fun. Both Shanna and Danny work full-time from home and have four kids in elementary school at Clovis Unified.

"I tried it out yesterday (Monday); sitting at the table and trying to do my Zooms while they were doing theirs, but it's a little difficult," said Shanna.

While it's not easy, they say their teachers are on task and keeping the kids to a schedule.

"I think organizing the space and knowing what's going to work for them and getting enough technology," said Shanna about some of the challenges.

They're also coming up with incentives of their own; handing out raffle tickets.

"We just write what they did, ok you stayed focus, you stayed engaged with the class," said Danny.

"These are the things I saw you do that were excellent and so they earned some last night," said Shanna.

Once the kids collect enough, it's treat time!

"We bought a bin of prizes and eventually they're going to collect so many tickets, they can go ahead and turn them in," said Danny.

For now, they're learning along with their students.

"We said if you need to stand up, you can stand up, if you need to move, we can move you," said Danny of the classroom set-up.

As for the kids, they tell us they don't mind the extra recess time.
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