Group of Fresno health professionals set off on overseas mission to treat families

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The bus arrival set off a flurry of activity in the rain. Boxes full of healthcare items had to be loaded up for a three-week medical mission to Southeast Asia.

The boxes are full of everything from medicine to treat tropical diseases and high blood pressure to toothbrushes.

"Working in Fresno for almost 37 years, I felt something was missing. It's really neat to be able to share time with this wonderful group of health professionals and they give up their time freely. I call it vacation. I really enjoy it," said Dr. William Ho, dentist.

The 22 member team also includes surgeons, physicians, optometrists, nurses, and pharmacists. They will be treating families in Thailand and Myannmar in villages which don't have access to healthcare.

"Basically we'll be providing general medical care. We'll be doing some surgery but to a limited degree. Mostly treating and educating the people," said Dr. Jack Patton, Fresno.

Optometrists will be able to craft glasses on the spot.

The trip is sponsored by the First Chinese Baptist Church of Fresno. For some this will be their seventh trip.

"When you get to go back to a place that you've been going for maybe 12 to 14 years, and people greet you and say good to see you again it makes you feel really well, that you can bring hope and healing. It's pretty special," said Rev. Danny Jack.

In addition to medicine the health professionals will also bring along vitamins for kids in the villages.
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