Meet the kid-preneur who turned lockdown boredom into a sweet sensation!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021
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When the pandemic forced Makyla Linder to stay home from school, she turned her love of baking into a new hobby and, later, new business was born.

PHILADELPHIA -- When 12-year old Makyla Linder had to stay home from school for months due to pandemic lockdowns, she turned her love of baking from a hobby to an LLC.

She learned to bake with her grandmother when she was 8 and has loved it ever since.

As she expanded her knowledge by doing research and experimenting with colors and ingredients, she says she pestered her mother, Chelsea Hatcher, to let her make it into a real business.

Now she has customers, and fulfills orders on weekends for her company, Dolci Desserts LLC.

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