Road to Eagle Mountain Casino washed out by recent storm

Friday, March 24, 2023

PORTERVILLE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The road up to Eagle Mountain Casino remains closed to visitors after it was washed away by a storm earlier this month.

Traffic comes to a stop on Reservation Road headed up to Eagle Mountain Casino.

After a warm storm two weeks ago, snow melt and runoff washed away a piece of the winding road, cutting off access to the casino.

Since then, Tulare County crews and private contractors have provided a temporary solution of a one-lane gravel road.

For now, only residents, workers and emergency crews have access beyond the closure.

"Reservation Road is a very windy road so bringing it down to a single lane also creates additional public safety concerns as well," said Denise England with Tulare County Resource Management Agency.

This area is on a long list of roads and bridges damaged by recent storms and in need of repairs across Tulare County.

Rick Gomez lives along Reservation Road and didn't want to wait for workers to come.

"I am trying to clean this. Get all the water off the road so we don't have a bad accident," said Gomez.

Over the years, Jack Brassfield has been a casino regular but avoids the drive up when the weather is bad.

"The road gets a lot of runoff and first starting to fall off the side of the road. All over the road. It just wasn't that safe," Brassfield said.

While the closure continues up the hill, the new Eagle Mountain Casino off the 65 is looking closer to completion.

The tribe's council previously told Action News a safer location is one of the reasons for relocating.

Brassfield says he is looking forward to having a place to play much closer to home

"It's going to be awesome. It's going to be great for Porterville and the surrounding areas. Especially not having to drive up that road. the accesses so much easier on the 65. The 99," Brassfield said. "Oh, once a week once every two weeks depends what lose or win.

Right now, there's no estimate on a reopening date at Eagle Mountain Casino and an official opening date has not been announced for the new location near Porterville.

The casino has been hosting job fairs to fill positions as recently as yesterday.