Lights out on the first day back to school for high schoolers in Easton

EASTON, Calif. (KFSN) -- The excitement of the first day of school was tempered Tuesday by a sudden power outage in Easton. Students and staff at Washington Union ended up going home after second period.

Classrooms went dark at about 9:20 in the morning after a power failure. Kids who didn't ride the bus had to wait for their parents outside of campus.

Some of the guys were sporting new shoes and haircuts but they too had to cut their day short.

Sophomore Roberto Segura said, "It was in the morning around nine. It just started glitching and half the lights were on and half were out."

Guadalupe Aguirre, student, "They told us to wait until 11 and then we could go home."

The entire campus went dark. Principal John Sherron said the buses had to be called back to pick up the kids after he learned power wouldn't be back for several hours.

"We were looking for the water pumps, so flushing water, and we looked for power in the classrooms and then the heat index.'

It made for a very eventful first day back when school spirit was sky high.

"First day. A lot of smiling faces, a lot of energy on campus and we were really excited to get it going," said, Sherron.

Traffic lights were also out. PG&E said 155 customers were affected by the power outage, but the students should be back in class on Wednesday.

Power was restored late Tuesday afternoon so it should be business as usual as Washington Union schools get a first day of school do-over.
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