LearningRx offers remote brain training for students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As students get settled into new routines at home, one business is offering some valuable tools to parents.

Parents across the country can all agree that homeschooling your kids is not easy, and that's why LearningRx is going remote.

It's a one on one brain training program.

"These kids are losing the last half of their school year and now they can be doing something to keep their brain trained, to keep it on their best game," said Renee Bautista-Guill with LearningRx.

Through various exercises and activities, instructors help students with cognitive skills and crucial activities that students may not be exercising at home.

"This means that cognitive skills like reading and attention and other processing skills are likely to regress especially for those kids that are struggling," added Bautista-Guill.

They work with students at all educational levels. Cheryl Hickey has two kids that have utilized LearningRx.

"My son is on the spectrum, high functioning but definitely was struggling," said Hickey. "It was very life changing for his academic struggles."

Instead of coming in for training, kids will receive instruction virtually. All you need is a laptop or iPad.

"I think it's very valuable and maybe even more so during these crazy times," added Hickey. "This can really serve as a way to not let them lose what they gained, but also to catapult them going forward."

Parents can pay for a one on one instruction for their students or there are several free resources available to parents on their website and facebook page.

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