Fresno City College discusses future expansion plans with public

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City College has about 35,000 students and the campus in Central Fresno is experiencing some growing pains but campus officials have plans to provide much need relief.

Fresno City College is working with Darden Architects and the State Center Community College District architect team on updating their 2012 facilities master plan.

"It is kind of like writing an English paper. You have your first draft, your second draft and then your final draft. Our hope is to get this facility master plan to our board of trustees for their approval by the end of this calendar year," said Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Fresno City College President.

Dr. Goldsmith pointed out each college campus in the district is going through the same process.

But parking is the biggest issue for Fresno City College. Officials are looking at expanding existing parking lots or building a new structure.

Dr. Goldsmith said they waiting for the results of a parking study that will be released next month.

"We want to make sure that we don't over build or under build. And it will take into account many of the things that we have done to help mitigate so of the parking now," she said.

Fresno City College current offers shuttle rides for students from parking lots at Ratcliffe Stadium and offers student discounts to those who use FAX buses.

When it comes to the classroom a new and larger science building could be a new reality on Weldon Avenue near Blackstone.

"It is going to be primarily made of lab space. Something that is kind of a unique design. Our facility has been engaged with our architects and bringing in consultants who are working in the field of science and engineering," said Dr. Goldsmith.

Those two projects will be funded through Measure C but a new Child Development Center will funded through a state bond and will be built near the current site on University Avenue.

Each of the proposed plans must be approved by State Center Community College District committee and then by leaders in Sacramento.

After that a time line on when construction will take place will be decided.
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