Plea to keep Central Unified's current superintendent falling on deaf ears, parents say

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Parents at Central Unified are running out of patience. They say their pleas to keep Superintendent Mark Sutton are falling on deaf ears so their tactics are changing.

"When you have board members who are not responsible and not answering back, they really are not leaving much of a choice," said parent Wendy Yribarren.

The crowd served Trustee Phillip Cervantes and Richard Solis with recall letters this week.

Two board members are accused of not renewing the 'Mark Sutton's Contract', which expires in June.

Sutton is a popular figure in the school district.

"It is a lot of work, but you know what, this community's voice is not being heard and that is what it comes down to," said Yribarren.

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School Board President Cesar Granda says the board has not been vocal because they cannot comment about closed session items.

He did say that the superintendent's contract has been brought up during closed session at least three times.

Trustee Terry Cox, one of Sutton's supporters, disagrees.

"In this case, I think there's plenty of opportunities to let the community know what is going on, and I feel like the board has failed," said Cox.

Action News reached out to Trustee Phillip Cervantes about the contract as well as the recall papers. He responded no comment to both matters.

Trustee Richard Soils did not return our call.

"Mr. Sutton has a contract that's going that's going to expire in five months, that's not the right way to treat any superintendent," said Yribarren.

Parents say it is not just about keeping Sutton in the district. It is about making sure their voices are heard.
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