Maya Cinemas gives ABC30 a sneak peek at its MPX screen

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Maya Cinemas gave a handful of folks a sneak peek at its MPX screen, the largest in the Valley. The screen is so big at 75 feet wide, 38 feet high it reminded some people of the old drive-in movies.

Retired Teacher Ron Mortanian said, "It's a step up in class and sound quality. The picture is dynamic. It leaves you breathless."

Everything inside the MPX Theater is bigger and louder because the speakers are set right above you. Company President Frank Haffar sought to enhance the movie-goers experience with the latest digital projector and sound system.

Haffar said, "Honestly it's like having first baby. Honestly it's a great feeling."

The theater features a crying room for parents with little ones as well as an old school balcony.

Haffar added, "We believe in the magic of movies so we wanted people to really enjoy the whole experience from the minute they walk in."

Maya Cinemas is the anchor of the square at Campus Pointe. The Mad Duck, the Beach Hut Deli, Wahoo's Fish Tacos and Cold Stone Creamery are all close to opening. Theater management says it will have a close relationship with Fresno State.

Vice President Larry Porricelli said, "We've met with many department heads that we'll be doing projects with them. They want to do stuff on the screen. Young people, we like to bring in young people and their work."

Porricelli says in three weeks the theater will host the premier of "The Gallows," a movie made by two local filmmakers.

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