Fresno County Sheriff's Office warning residents about scam involving Apple Store

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a scam they are aware of involving the Apple Store and Apple products.

According to deputies, people have reported that they are receiving phone calls from what appears to be the Apple Store in Fresno. The caller ID shows the store's real number, but when you answer the phone you are prompted to call another number.

Officials said the recording warns that your computer or iCloud is in jeopardy of being hacked. They may even request the serial number to your iPhone and one person reported calling the number on the recording which put them in touch with a company named Superior Technical Support.

The Better Business Bureau is aware of this ongoing scam.

Officials said the number you see from the Apple Store has been spoofed, which means the caller is using a service or program to mask the real number they are calling from and making it appear as though it's a legitimate business.

If you receive a call do not give out your personal information. Officials said you should only give information to accredited companies that you make an effort to go and seek help from on your own.
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