Pedestrian hit and killed on Highway 99 in Fresno for second day in a row

Investigators say several cars hit the victim's body following the first crash.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A busy stretch of Highway 99 is back open after yet another deadly crash on Fresno County roads.

A 28-year-old man, Ramon Lujan, who walked out into traffic was hit and killed near the Belmont off-ramp just after 12:30 am on Sunday.

Investigators say several cars hit Lujan's body following that first crash.

Several lanes of traffic had to be shut down for hours on Sunday morning as officers investigated.

Officers say crashes like this one are happening all too often across Fresno.

"Make sure that you're going slow, go the speed limit. Just because you don't know what's going to jump out at you and tonight, just like last night, we had another tragedy here in Fresno. It's heartbreaking - every night's heartbreaking," says CHP officer Johnny Fisher.

On Saturday morning, a woman was killed walking on the highway near McKinley Avenue.

That crash happened less than a mile away from Sunday morning's deadly accident near Belmont Avenue.

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