Good Sports: Kingsburg football's Spomer Brothers

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- In small towns like Kingsburg, seeing family legacies is not an uncommon occurrence.

Jeff Spomer, now head coach of the junior varsity team, was a Vikings wide receiver in the early 90's. Today the Spomer name, getting called again on Friday nights.

"To hear the name, you do smile, and you do get excited," said Jeff.

Jadon Spomer, Jeff's oldest son, is a senior two-way player. He is joined by his younger brother, sophomore wide receiver and corner Blake Spomer.

"It's awesome," said Jadon. "We are really close, so it is great to have each other on the team, and we push each other to get better."

Incredibly, the list goes on.

"Hey what's better than two Spomers? three Spomers," said Kingsburg Head Coach David Wilson.

When freshman Micah Spomer got the call that he'd be on varsity, suddenly, for the first time, the three brothers were playing on the same team.

"When I got the call from Coach Wilson I mean there was no way I could say no," said Micah.

Being together, something no Spomer saw coming.

"Possibly for playoffs. Maybe for playoffs. During playoffs, it might be an option."

No need to wait until playoffs.

"Micah the little brother was the one we were kind of on the fence for. I think being the little brother, he's been playing with the big kids for forever so this isn't much of a change for him."

The Spomers are significant contributors to the Vikings 3-1 start, thanks in part to having their brothers on the team.

"At practice, I'm able to push these guys harder just because I've grown up with them and there are no feelings hurt."

"We hold each other more accountable when we make mistakes," said Blake.

With three brothers, there's one big question: Who is the best Spomer on the team?

That question has different answers depending on which Spomer you ask.

Whoever's the best, these Spomers acknowledge, this season is one to remember.

"My family really likes it, like my outer family, they enjoy it. But no one has really been like 'Cherish these moments.' But I know it's special."

"Right now I don't see it as much, but I'm sure in the future I'll look back and see how blessed I am to be playing with two of my brothers."
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