Attorneys suing Greyhound blaming wrong-way driver in Fresno crash

Thursday, February 19, 2015

FRESNO, Calif. -- Attorneys suing Greyhound over a deadly crash involving a bus and an SUV on Highway 99 said the SUV's driver may have swerved to avoid a wrong-way driver.

Sylvia Garay, Stephanie Cordoba, and Vanessa Gonzalez were in the SUV. They are three of the six people killed in the July 2010 crash on Highway 99. The other three people killed were on the bus.

The CHP placed blame on 18-year-old Garay. They said she was driving the SUV that rolled over on the highway after a night of drinking.

Garay's family is suing Greyhound. Their attorneys say a witness saw the wrong-way driver on the McKinley off ramp just after noticing the SUV crash. And another witness testified she saw Gonzalez driving as the girls headed home. Gonzalez had no alcohol in her system.

The judge won't allow our cameras in court.