Family say woman in coma makes strides towards recovery

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Melissa Carlton is now considered permanently disabled, but her husband, Brian Lande, says she has made some remarkable strides including the ability to move her arms and legs.

In March 2014, Melissa suffered a seizure caused by a brain tumor, which put her in a coma. She was 25 weeks pregnant at the time, but carried her baby to full term in the hospital.

The couple's son, West, is now 19-months-old and loves spending time with his mom. His father says it may be awhile before his little boy understands their situation is unusual. "It is hard watching her and West together knowing neither of them are getting what they should be from one another," Lande said.

Melissa and West live in Fresno with her parents. Brian started a new job as a Richmond police officer this summer, and he sees them every chance he gets.
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