Workout Wednesday: At-home gadgets that will help with your workout

You don't have to have a gym membership in order to get in a good daily workout.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy explains some of the best pieces of exercise equipment that you can buy and use right in the comfort of your home.

Rhonda says the exercise equipment market is booming with fitness gadgets you can use at home.

The first gadget is a powerband.

Rhonda says they come in packs of three with different resistances.

She says you can put a band around your thighs and walk side to side.

Rhonda says for the upper body, you can grip a band and do bicep curls or a triceps kick. It works well for the price and is a definite yes.

The last gadget is an exercise ball.

Rhonda says you can be creative and use it for a variety of exercises.

She says she likes to use the ball to strengthen my inner thigh muscle.

Rhonda says if you squeeze and hold it for 10 to 20 seconds and build up your strength so that you can squeeze it longer.

She says she also likes to use it under the knee to work the hamstring and outer and inner thigh. The exercise ball is also a winner to use for exercise at home.
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