Pools, free lunch, air-conditioned libraries: Students can keep enjoying Fresno Unified facilities during summer

Fresno Unified students are ready to jump into summer vacation.

Pools at several high schools across the district will open to the public on Monday.

Some will offer swimming lessons throughout the summer.

"Remember when you were a kid? Learning to swim at the high school pool was everything. That opportunity is now available to every kid in our community for the years to come," said Bob Nelson, Fresno Unified Superintendent.

For the fourth year in a row, the district is teaming up with the city of Fresno to create "blue spaces" and "green spaces" for students and their families this summer.

Those "green spaces" are playing fields across the district and those "blue spaces" are swimming pools at Edison, Fresno, Hoover, Sunnyside and the newly renovated pool at Roosevelt.

"Before this blue space program came on, we had all these pools sit and idle during the hottest months of the summer. This began three years ago and 40,000 people have taken advantage of this," said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand.

Both the city and Fresno Unified want to keep students safe and out of trouble from the number of canals that run right through Fresno.

In addition to opening up pools, libraries on several campuses will be open.

Students will be able to read and take advantage of air conditioning during the summer.

Plus they can have lunch for free. Fresno Unified offers free meals to anyone 18 years old and under at 50 school sites.

"We have made your summer for you! Providing a wide range of opportunities to do good things that will keep your mind expanded and your body refreshed and fit," said Nelson.

Each of the programs run through August and hours vary at each school site.

The cost to use the pools are $1 for kids, $2 for adults. But it is free for everyone on weekends from noon until 5 p.m.

The cost of swimming lessons varies depending on how many sessions you sign up for.

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