Former Bulldog great Trent Dilfer speaks at Las Vegas Bowl kickoff luncheon

LAS VEGAS (KFSN) -- The Las Vegas Bowl is living up to the hype.

With less than 24 hours until kickoff, there is no shortage of events to attend.

Friday started off with a press conference that included Fresno State head Coach Jeff Tedford and Arizona State head Coach Herm Edwards.

During the event, the coaches and players were asked about their love for the game and this is what they had to say.

"My love affair with football. I've had a love affair with this game since I played it," said Edwards. "It never stopped. Once you put your feet on the grass and understand what it takes to do this you either really love it or you don't. I fell on the other side of the fence I love it."

"There's a lot more than just winning and losing football games. There's a lot gratification in being a part of guys' lives and to see them grow and develop, move on and be successful in any field," said Tedford.

"I mean I just think if you watch how I play this game and the competitiveness I play this game with I think it speaks for itself," said Sun Devils quarterback Manny Wilkins.

"Something coach talks about is the football locker room is one of the places you will be where everybody has the same goal and everybody is rooting for each other and once you get in the real world it's not the same case and being grateful for that and all the relationships I've made playing the game," said Bulldogs linebacker and Clovis North grad George Helmuth.

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"Just talking to guys I've played with in the past they all talk about is the locker room talk and just relationships you have," said Bulldogs quarterback and Dinuba grad Marcus McMaryion. "That's something I'm not going to forget and I'm going to cherish it as long as I can."
After the press conference, fans and teams were treated to a bowl kickoff luncheon.

The keynote speaker for the event was none other than former Bulldog great and Super Bowl Champion Trent Dilfer.

Trent delivered an inspirational speech about football and life and his message to the players is this.

"One, enjoy it. Enjoy the week, enjoy the game, the last snap of the game, taking your cleats off for the last time. If you don't enjoy them you will look back and wish you had. Also, learn from it," said Dilfer. "Learn from your journey because life has a bunch of them and you can learn a lot from this football journey that can catapult you into life and allow you to have a lot more success than you would have otherwise."

Here's Trent's prediction on how the game will play out.

"I get in trouble every time I do this. I think Fresno has a really good team, nothing against Arizona State, I think Fresno has a really good team. I think they could beat a lot of nationally renowned programs and for that reason, I think they are going to win," Dilfer predicted. "I think they will control the line of scrimmage, good on the defensive fronts and linebacker and I think they will make it really hard for Arizona State to move the ball."
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