McLane High's multi-million dollar construction projects near completion

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The incoming Class of 2023 of McLane High School is preparing for their first day of high school.

"For us at the school, we are excited because a lot of it is about equity and for the kids in central Fresno to have some top-ranked facilities to where they can be proud of their school," said Principal Brian Wulf.

They already have a new quad to hang out, and soon they will have a new pool to splash in.

Wulf met his incoming freshmen and talked with them about the construction.

"What this means for you guys is that you will have a school that will let you participate and engage in different clubs, activities, athletics, just like you could in the other high schools in the Fresno area," he told the students.

The upgrades came with a multi-million dollar price tag, but it's one Principal Wulf says was necessary.

"It's good to see the investment being made here and not to see if deferred into future bonds or future generations because there has been a correction made to see McLane High School to get the facilities upgraded to create a better experience for the kids," Wulf said.

Senior Esmeralda Briseno has spent the last few years detouring around chain link construction fences.

"It's been just like just looking at all the updates they are doing and how they are doing it and stuff," she said.

But Briseno is a little disappointed that these upgrades weren't made sooner.

"I'm kind of hurt because I wanted to be part of it, or swim and dive and go inside the new pool and stuff like that. I think it's a good opportunity for the incoming class to enjoy it," she said.

These projects should be completed by spring 2020. After that, Wulf says he's hopeful there will be future talks about a second gym for students.
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