Clovis teenagers start mobile car wash to help college funds

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Closures prompted by the COVID 19 pandemic meant a lot of kids had free time on their hands.

A pair of Clovis teens channeled their energy to create a mobile car wash and are taking action to bring convenience to your detailing services.

Best friends turned business partners, Noah and Brennan are the brains behind N B Premium carwash.

"Senior year is coming up, where our future is getting pretty close, so instead of wasting it, we're trying to get ahead, said Brennen Stindt.

Both Juniors at Clovis North, Noah wants to get into the medical field while Brennan hopes to get into real estate.

During the hot summer months, the young entrepreneurs found a way to keep cool and make some cash for college tuition.

Brennen says, "Our products are built to protect the car, so we're cleaning it but also protecting it."

Noah Krob adds, "We've been going at it about three to four months and got some steady customers lately."

Pricing varies depending on the size of the car and the type of wash you want.

Noah says, "We go to you. We detail inside and out and we use microfiber towels so it doesn't damage your paint. Just send us a text and arrange a time and we're there."

But remember they're still in school, so those appointments will be after the last bell starting at 3:30 on weekdays and anytime during the weekends.

Find them on Instagram here or call/text for an appointment at 559-575-3947.
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