Clovis double homicide suspect David McCann arrested near Monterey

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis police have their man. Several days after police said Dave McCann killed his estranged wife and her mother officers finally caught up with him Wednesday morning.

Tierney Cooper-McCann, 36, and her mother Judith Cooper were found stabbed to death in a Clovis home on Saturday.

McCan was brought to Clovis Police Headquarters Wednesday morning. He'd been captured sleeping in a homeless encampment in the coastal town of Seaside after midnight. Clovis Police Chief Matt Basgall explained how it happened.

"We received a tip last night that our suspect had moved to the Seaside

area-- (he) had gotten a ride. So the detectives we had working the coast had gone up to Seaside late last night, had a picture they were showing around, working with Seaside Police Department. Took that picture to a gentleman who said, 'yeah, I know how that person is, I know where he's sleeping right now,' and took our detective team, as well as Seaside Police Department and Monterey Police Department, to where the suspect was at."

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Clovis Police Chief Matthew Basgall holds a press conference in Seaside, California.

The final tip that lead police to McCann came from Pete Thanos. He and his friend Michael Bell said they routinely help homeless drifters. Bell said McCann was hanging around acting strange.

"He seemed really, really, depressed. Really sad," said Bell.

Thanos lead McCann to a homeless camp where he was staying. When police showed Thanos a picture of McCann, he told them right where he was.

"They went under the fence and they caught him," said Thanos.

Thanos was shaken up to learn the man he helped was wanted for murder.

"I'm just sorry those two ladies were killed. It's just ridiculous-- for nothing. It couldn't have been that bad. There's no reason to kill somebody-- over money or anything, it just sickens me."

Double Homicide Suspect Dave McCann is in custody in Seaside, CA

Double Homicide Suspect Dave McCann is in custody in Seaside, CA

Police said McCann was taken into custody without incident.

After being processed in Clovis he was transported to the Fresno County jail, where he's being held on murder charges.
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