Crash in Fresno County involving school bus leaves one dead, students with minor injuries

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man is dead and dozens of kids shaken up after a fatal school bus collision west of Fresno Tuesday afternoon. Officers said the driver of an SUV failed to yield to the bus coming down McKinley Avenue.

The route home from Central West covers a lot of neighborhoods On Tuesday, it was over almost as soon as it began. "I was in the back of the bus, and all of a sudden the bus completely jolted. When I looked to the front, there was a bunch of smoke coming from the front. I seen the car sliding out to the side, and I was like, this can't be happening," said Jaloni Fullum, school bus passenger.

Parents rushed to the scene of the crash as soon as they heard there had been an accident and someone was killed "He says the bus had an accident. I said how bad is it. He said there is a whole bunch of firetrucks, ambulances, highway patrol. I said are you okay," said Vera Mesa, grandson on bus.

CHP officers said the SUV was traveling down Hayes, it came to a stop at the intersection but then decided to pull out, crossing into the path of a school bus, carrying 48 kids. "A few people got a busted lip. I see one of my friends almost flew off his seat," said Fullum.

None of the kids was hurt badly, some suffered minor bruises others whiplash. But the driver of the car didn't make it. "There was just one male driver in the Buick. He did sustain fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene," said Officer Axel Reyes, California Highway Patrol.

Parents said they've seen close calls at Hayes and McKinely before. And it's unfortunate it led to Tuesday's tragedy. "It's kind of scary because I have to drive down this road when I pick him up. I always slow down when I come to the intersection because there are cars that don't stop-- even though there are stop signs," said Mesa.

One student had to go to Community Regional Medical Center for a sore neck.

Counseling will be available at both Central High campuses for students on Wednesday.
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