Drone sighting over Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- An eye in the sky at the Big Fresno Fair. Organizers explain why this drone is the only unmanned aircraft you'll see all week.

High above the crowd, a drone is seen flying overhead. Fairgoers watched with concern but organizers say this aircraft is a welcome one.

"He brought us his insurance, we did a contract which is approved by our board. We scouted the locations that were appropriate for him," said Stacy Rianda of the Big Fresno Fair.

A drone caught on camera Monday, was flown by a local photographer, working with the fair to take aerial photos of the event. It's the first time they've ever gotten this opportunity according to organizers. And Rianda said it may be their last.

"There's pending legislation in Sacramento right now that will potentially outlaw drones over public spaces," said Rianda.

Safety concerns are an issue, which is why organizers say the drone could only fly upward in just a few locations.

"Our concern was that he was going to go, that anyone with a drone was going to go over a ride, a spinning ride and if for some reason it were to fail and fall down it would shoot out and actually become a weapon," said Rianda.

Without permission, the flying machines, are strictly prohibited.

"Our people are told to find the operator of the aircraft and get the information the FAA needs to conduct an investigation," said Sergeant Dave Gibeault of the Fresno Police Department.

And if you're caught by the Fresno Police Department, you could be ticketed for the flight. Organizers at the fair say they didn't get any complaints from patrons of the fair as the drone was taking photos this afternoon. null
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