Family of shooting spree victim says they don't blame suspected shooter's family

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It has been a painful week for Rosie and her husband Harold, but since they have laid their son to rest. (KFSN)

Eight days ago Rosie Wagner saw a Downtown Fresno shooting spree on TV. She was unknowingly watching coverage of her son's death-- and not long after from police she heard the news.

"I said my son's name Mark Gassett and I said don't you dare tell me this is my son. He said he needs to go in and talk and then I found out. And then I said was he downtown-- and he said yes. And I lost it."

It has been a painful week for Rosie and her husband Harold, but since they have laid their son to rest their main concern is the family of self-admitted killer Kori Muhammad-- they heard the family is in hiding out of fear.

"We just want them to know we have no bad feelings at all it's not them that done it," said Harold.

"Because you know people are going to blame that family. We don't blame them. We do not blame them at all, we just feel so bad for them because they're going to have to deal with as much as we have to deal with," said Rosie.

But they do blame Kori Muhammad, with whom we spoke with at length over the phone.

Muhammad would only talk about his hatred of white people and showed no signs of remorse.

Walden University's Dr. Eric Hickey is a criminologist. He believes Muhammad is mentally ill but competent.

"So every time you asked him how do you feel about that he said, 'well I had no choice, I had no choice, it's unfortunate, I had no choice, because I love my people.' So it's always about going back to protecting his people. When in truth he is just rationalizing his behavior."

For the Wagner's no amount his rationalization will bring them peace, but knowing he is locked up does give them comfort.

"I don't care what color you are, we are all human. We all have the right to live and live our life," said Rosie.

Muhammad is due in court Wednesday morning at 8:30.
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