Father and son beaten and bruised after soccer game turned violent at Chukchansi Park in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside Chukchansi Park Saturday night the pushes and jabs between Chivas and Leon did not just stop on the field. From the stands to the parking lot, the rivalry continued among the fans.

Genovene Rocha and her family were among the crowd who felt the wrath.

"We're all a family of Latinos, and here they are attacking each other, just because their team lost."

Genovene said her husband and son were celebrating a Leon victory. Waving a flag on their truck when a few Chivas fans ordered them to take it down. The family refused and police said that is when the crowd attacked.

"They broke a bottle on his head... He can't open his jaw well so he's got to eat only foods like soup because he's in pain opening his mouth," said Rocha.

Fresno police said they had 25 officers present. The venue itself had more than 30 security officers. But the victims' family said none of them served their purpose that night.

"To see what a waste, what a waste, and what security in that stadium because we were in the parking lot where there was security. When did it get out of their control? When did all this happen? They don't have the sufficient security to take care of the people. This is a tragedy," said Rocha.

The police department said these exhibition soccer matches have ended with assaults before. They try to assign as many officers as possible but with 10,000 people leaving the stadium keeping the peace is a challenge.

"You know, that many people along with alcohol being served and drank, certainly you're probably not gonna end up having with not having a disturbance. In this case, unfortunately, it lead to an assault. We did have officers outside to deal with it quickly," said Lt. Mark Hudson, Fresno Police Dept.

Rocha said luckily the family will recover from bumps and bruises, but she hopes someone knows the men involved. And for families to understand the risks of attending a game.

"This cannot happen again. This needs to stop because just like they attacked my son they can kill someone else. They could have killed my son. They could have left him in a coma. Over a stupid flag, over a stupid game. Over the alcohol," said Rocha.

Fresno police said there were no other reports of crime that night and that the assaults that happened in the past, were all minor.
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