Man in motorized wheelchair killed in Central Fresno hit-and-run crash

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno Police Department is searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed an 83-year-old man. The victim was crossing the street in a wheelchair.

There were tears and sadness on Cedar Avenue on Monday -- a family devastated by a hit-and-run crash. The victim was killed instantly, according to witnesses.

Thomas Cheney said he saw everything, "Makes me sick to my stomach, my son had to see that, my little girl, it could have been us."

He was standing at a bus stop around noon, watching an elderly man cross the street in a wheelchair when the truck hit him. "He hit the guy, plowed through him and just kept going," Cheney said.

The man landed in the south bound lanes. His wheelchair broke into pieces and there were skid marks from the truck. The driver took off and hasn't been seen since.

Lieutenant Joe Gomez said, "There was also a grey Acura next to it, may have been racing it, they were racing each other or one wasn't allowing the other to pass."

The truck was caught on camera down the street by video policing. Investigators say it has moderate front end damage. It's a 90's model Chevy or Dodge, white in color with the word, "Visalia" on the rear license plate. The driver, witnesses say had long hair with a moustache or goatee.

As for the victim, family members say he was 83-years-old. He lived in the neighborhood. He was a father with grandkids. Many of them were at the scene, in too much pain to speak with us on camera. Some people who saw the crash say they knew him.

A witness named, "Vincent" said, "Good guy, I talked to him before, you know. He's a good guy."

Investigators say the truck was last seen turning west on Princeton from Cedar.

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