Workout Wednesday - Training Following an Injury

Sometimes people have a hard time getting back into an exercise regime after an injury.

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shows us how to get ourselves back on track in your Workout Wednesday.

One of the leading causes of injuries in people over 60 years old is tripping and falling. People often become fearful after an injury, and they worry that they will re-injure their bodies and go backward.

A big problem is they stop moving. As a result, they may limit their movement, or they may stop exercise altogether.

To get started on an exercise routine after an injury, it is very important to go at your own level and pace. Take it slowly and really concentrate on basic movement.

Take full range of motion very slow, use good posture, balance and proper form. It is very important to get back in the game of life and start moving the body. Stretching the body helps get oxygen-rich blood to help the healing process.

You may want to meet with a personal trainer after you have completed your physical therapy. It may help you with your form and motivation.
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