Students flock to Fresno Fairgrounds for science fair

FRESNO, Calf. (KFSN) -- Hundreds of students are participating in one of the biggest science fairs in the state this week right here in the Central Valley.

Junior high and high school students are spending a few days this week at the Fresno Fairgrounds for the 64th annual Fresno County Science Fair.

Students will showcase their research projects, but one teacher from Sanger Unified says this will help set the stage for the rest of their academic careers.

"It teaches our kids how to be creative thinkers and it takes them through the scientific process and it is something that will carry them throughout their entire life," teacher Carl Gong said.

Several students are participating for a second time, including Liliana Torres. The Sanger Academy Charter School student is following up on an energy project involving wind blades and turbines.

"Instead of like changing the different blades, I had different materials that were used to make the blades and so this year I decided to use different blades and a different number of blades on a pinwheel," Torres said.

While students are showing off their skills of math and science organizers hope they will be exposed to something new outside of the classroom.

"They make friends in the categories that they like," director Jennifer Weibert said.

We see this in high school a lot where these kids will stay friends into college and will network. And maybe one day even work together and use each other as resources."

Eight grade student Antonia Perez says she learned the benefits of networking last year and this year she has a partner for the science fair.

"You need a lot of communication but you are also able to get a lot more done in less time," Antonia Perez said. "And so we were able to communicate and get things done and make sure that everything was the way we wanted it to be."

Judging takes place through Wednesday and the top four individual winners will compete in the state finals in Los Angeles next month.
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