New video of crash, DUI suspect pleads not guilty to killing a Fresno father

Fresno police are showing us a new view of the crash that killed 40-year-old Shawn Milton when a suspected drunk driver erased a father's future.

"He told me the day that it happened that he could just mold his son into a good man, you know?" said Milton's girlfriend, Amanda Boos. "That was such a good man."

The man police arrested for killing him entered a not guilty plea Wednesday.

Shawn Milton's life ended in a burst of sparks and he had no way to know what was coming.

"We have a driver that was driving twice the legal limit on alcohol, twice the speed limit and we have a person who was killed as a result of that," said Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer.

He says Fresno police officers have made about 100 more DUI arrests this year than at this point in 2018, and people are still making bad choices.

Gustavo Blanco, Jr., is one of the most drastic examples. He appeared in court Wednesday on crutches because of a broken ankle from the crash and he pleaded not guilty to vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk.

Police say he had a BAC of at least .15.

Shawn's family members tell Action News he was giving a homeless man a ride when he died, carrying out one last act of kindness in a life filled with similar moments.

"He literally took his shoes off before and his socks and gave it to somebody that needed it because their feet were blistered," said his sister Charitee Milton.

His family knows Shawn at least spent a happy last day on earth, attending a memorial for an uncle and spending time with a lot of the people who loved him most.

His sister especially remembers the pastor asking everyone if they wanted to be saved. Shawn raised his hand and wanted his whole family to do the same.

"He nudged us and said 'raise your hand' and we did," said Charitee Milton. "And that is comforting to know because I know my brother is where he belongs, with God."

The father of five has a sixth on the way. His pregnant girlfriend says it's not fair the kids have had a good man ripped out of their lives.

In a tearful interview, she told us he'd want to comfort them, but he'd think of Blanco's family as well.

"I know Shawn wouldn't want us to forget about their family and the pain they're going through," said Boos. "It's just, it's really hard."

The family will hold a private viewing on Friday.

They've opened a Gofundme account to help pay for the expenses and to help the children.

Blanco faces nearly 14 years in prison if he's convicted on all counts.
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