7-year-old Beatles fan hones his craft with a whole lot of love

LOS BANOS, Calif. (KFSN) -- One of Paul McCartney's biggest fans is a seven-year-old boy from Los Banos and he plans to be at his show in Fresno. His name is King Tobias and when we first met him, he had just met former Beatle Ringo Starr. Since then, he's polished his craft and even played a few songs for McCartney backstage at a concert.

He did it the same way the Beatles captivated the world-- through music, talent, and a whole lot of love. King Tobias is an old soul with a young heart and small guitar. "It just feels amazing, I love it. I love how it feels."

He spends his time at home, all day, every day-- and sometimes at school, just ask his mom, Cali. "All the kids, the second and third graders, they all know who the Beatles are."

But no seven-year-old knows the Beatles like Tobias. "They make music about love, not trying to kill or hurt people."

If love is all you need. King has more than enough for the entire house.

From Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney, he's met both of them, backstage at concerts. "My dream came true. I'm so happy, like, it's all I ever wanted."

His mom Cali, made it happen, "I'm happy that my mom did all that for me."

And she did it to prove a point. "I see my son light up in the biggest way, and I see him believe in his dreams."

In this family dreams are shadowed by struggle. Doctors didn't have much hope for King. He's the only survivor of a set of triplets, and Cali, she's been battling cancer for 15 years. "Losing the ones you love, regardless of how you lost them, it's losing the one's you love," said Cali.

He found the music and they found the meaning together. "Just trying to love people," said King.

One day when King is old enough to match his soul, "I'm gonna get some money, get my mom a new car."

And everything, he said, will be perfect.

King hasn't set up a meet and greet at the Save Mart Center yet. But he is in touch with Paul McCartney's people, so the chances are good.
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