Clovis neighborhood becoming hottest light show in the Central Valley

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Santa Claus Lane in a Clovis neighborhood light bulbs harmonize with the sounds of Christmas.

"They're synchronized and they all go with the music," said Jesse Randoetecker, visitor.

Caroling trees and singing snowmen are just a small part of this hometown light show.

By night it is a free drive through and walk through event-- but by day Santa's elves are tweaking the labyrinthine of lights.

Deb Toews and her husband started synching their lights to music just for fun.

"My children think their parents are crazy," said Toews.

But it quickly grew when others wanted to take part like neighbor Randall Butler.

"We didn't know what we were fully getting into."

"Each one of these cords is plugged into a light string and then it goes into here which is hooked up into the controller and then hooks into the computer which tells the light what to do," said Toews.

Seven miles of cords and wireless transmitters connect the neighborhood lights to a computer. There are seventeen songs total that match music on a local radio station and for every minute of it takes Toews about four to six hours to program.

"It's different, there's nothing like this in town."

Now people are vying to live on the newly dubbed Santa Claus Lane. One house on the end of the street just sold to the envy of every real estate agents in town.

"One individual called their agent and I walked over and told them the house is already sold. (They said) seriously? How much? We'll give more," said Butler.

Here's the kicker-- thanks to the LED lights-- to light the entire neighborhood for the whole month only costs $100. Not a bad price to pay for an entire season of joy.

Next year another row of houses is planning on joining. If they are able to achieve that goal Santa Claus Lane will be the largest synchronized neighborhood show in the world.

For all the kiddos on the 17th, they are doing Frozen night with seven songs from the movie. You can bet that will be a very busy night.
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