Girl who survived accident which left her in a 4-month long coma graduates from Clovis West

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis West High School student who was critically injured in a car accident seven years ago is defying the odds by graduating from high school Thursday night.

Madeline Greenler, 18, doesn't limit herself.

"If you can say you can't do something just think in the future, and where you see yourself, and push, just you always have to push."

When she was 11-years-old Madeline was walking near her school with her family when a jeep ran off the road and onto the sidewalk hitting her head-on.

She suffered critical injuries and was in a coma for four months. Doctors told her family they didn't think she'd live, but her parents didn't give up. Jaime Ball, Madeline's mother, still remembers when she first spoke.

"Once that clicked that night she just started putting words together it was amazing."

"It's been difficult. I had to relearn everything," said Madeline.

Since the accident city officials have installed a turn signal at the intersection, but Madeline's family hopes more is done to make this area safer. Ball hopes a second turn signal is installed to deter any more accidents in this busy area.

"There's three schools all right there, I think there should be more awareness."

Though she had to re-learn how to walk, talk, and even eat, and is deaf and blind on one side of her face. After years of persisting Madeline is successfully graduating from Clovis West High School. She takes normal classes and participates in sports.

On Thursday morning, she practiced for her graduation ceremony. Her family is proud of the incredible strides she's made.

"There's no stopping this girl and there isn't, she'll get upset and she'll cry but we get over it and we just keep going," said Ball.

"I'm excited! Um, yeah, excited. I'm like, I'm done with you, done with high school," said Madeline.

Madeline plans on attending Clovis Community College in the fall and becoming a teachers aid for deaf and hard of hearing students.
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