Local businesses and non-profits are reminding people to buy local this holiday season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Shopping small may not be a new concept, but in Fresno, spending local at certain shops brings the opportunity to support a local business and non-profit organizations.

Local business will be brewing at Lanna Coffee in Downtown Fresno Saturday.

Bryan Feil of Lanna Coffee said, "How can we come together to make a difference in the non-profit world as well as sell products that people need for gifts, creating a multifaceted win."

The Dreamer Co-Op will bring you face to face with a variety of local businesses we typically see online.

"We really wanted to focus on there not being too many of one thing, we have someone doing macramé, live watercolor artist, calligraphy," said Alex Register of Keep Life Simple Design.

Register calls it a collection of Fresno's heart and soul, featuring 15 makers like Keep Life Simple Design, Make Pie Not War, and Blue De Toi.

Proceeds from the Dreamer Co-Op, plus fundraising opportunities like raffles and special products, benefit the Art of Life Cancer Foundation.

"We want people to leave knowing what Art of Life is and contributing to the cause, and obviously meeting new local entrepreneurs that we can make connections with," said Register.

While you are at the Dreamer Co-Op it is not just what you're buying from local creators, it is what you are drinking that's going to benefit a great cause. For six years Lanna Coffee has been in business-- importing, roasting, and selling coffee beans from Thailand.

Feil said, "We have a charitable focus as well, we want to make the farmers lives who grow our coffee better."

Tagua Fair Trade in Fig Garden Village features a wide variety of home décor and personal accessories. Each item is created by artists whose craft enable them to feed their families, find shelter in safe housing, and send their children to school.

Pat Unruh of Tagua Fair Trade said, "When you buy our goods, you are directly benefiting people in developing countries that are very artistic and creative."

Tagua's mission statement is to educate the community about fair trade while expanding economic opportunities for artists and their families around the world. The non-profit is run by volunteers will be open through the month of January.

To find out more about the Dreamer Co-op click here.
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