The force is strong with two Clovis brothers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Anticipation is mounting for fans all over the world, but there's one local family who might be more excited than anyone else.

At Bases Loaded, the force is strong. Two Clovis brothers, have shared their passion for the Star Wars franchise, for 26 years.

"We have action figures we have trading cards we have autographs, we've met a lot of the cast of Star Wars," said Bases Loaded co-owner Chris Gooboian. From collectibles, to new action figures, you can find it all here. And the release of a new movie, has increased sales almost 50-percent.

"People that I've known for 20 years they're now coming in with their kids to get action figures and talk about Star Wars," said Chris.

The obsession for brother Marc Gooboian, started at a young age. "I was six years old when Star Wars the new hope came out," said Bases Loaded co-owner Marc Gooboian. Jump into hyperspace -- almost forty years later, "We named my daughter Jana after Han and Leia's daughter from the books," said Marc. He's passing the legacy to his kids, as the force awakens.

"The things that I grew up with they are now growing up with. And it's like living my childhood again through their eyes," said Marc. From father to son, and master to learner, the devotion lives on. "Most kids don't get to do a lot of the stuff I get to do," said Marc's son Thomas.

"We go to Comicon every year. my son and I went to star wars celebration this year so he got to see a lot of the cast members from the star wars movie," said Marc.

A legacy of love, handed down from one generation, to the next. null
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