VIDEO: Family stuck in car in freezing temperatures rescued near Shaver Lake

SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was the CHP Central Division's highest priority call.

Sgt Jeff Andres and Flight Officer Mike Crain wasted no time lifting off Monday morning.

"It's concerning, especially when you hear there is children up there," said Flight Officer Crain.

They were headed to Shaver Lake, looking for a family of three stuck in their car in freezing temperatures with over two feet of snow outside.

"We found him at about the 3000-foot elevation foot, and we were surprised how heavy the snow was just at that point, and it was only getting thicker the higher he went," Sgt. Andres said.

The family had been trapped since Sunday night near McKinley Grove Road.

After playing in the snow all day, they found their road blocked by fallen trees.

They tried taking a detour but found themselves with less than a quarter tank of gas.

"He had a decision to make, either run out of gas and try to get out of the area, or conserve fuel over the night so they could have a heater," said Sgt. Andres.

The family captured video of their rescue.

It was one of several that CHP officers and other agencies made.

"A lot of people go up there unprepared, and this weekend was a little busier than normal because we tended to get lower snow," Flight Officer Crain said.

Officers say the family did the right thing by staying in their car and relaying their location.

With another winter storm due this week, they want other sightseers to steer clear and avoid potential danger.
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