Bulldogs hoping for a bigger crowd next season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Bulldogs have averaged just over 32,000 fans this year. Last year, they averaged nearly 35,000. This doesn't account for empty seats, which the university would like to see filled.

If you need an excuse to not go to the Fresno State game on Friday night, it's not hard to hard to find one. The Big Fresno Fair concludes this weekend and ESPN2 is broadcasting the game at 7:30 p.m..

"I know at home you get the instant replay but there's nothing like being at a Fresno State game, live with the red wave, and the excitement of just being in the stadium," said Ronald Jenkins a former Fresno State football player. Jenkins is a former wide receiver who played during the coach Sweeney era. "Great era for Fresno State football, great excitement for Fresno State football." He's disheartened by the losses this year, and hopes fans can keep getting out to games.Fresno state hopes you can too.

"When the team comes down the ramp, they want the energy of a full stadium, everyone has heard from me, ever since I've been here, great is 41,031 that's a sellout," said Paul Ladwig the Fresno State Senior Associate Athletic Director. No sellouts this season, and Ladwig says they're simply not where they'd like to be in terms of ticket sales.

They've lead the league in attendance the last three years, and are still in second place right now. Even with the empty seats. "If the person uses the ticket or not, that's up to you, if you come to the game. But if you've bought the ticket, the ticket's sold and that's how the NCAA relates to attendance. It's tickets out the door," said Ladwig.

Season ticket holder Andi Johnson is not very much concerned with wins and losses. For her and her family, it's the best kind of fall fun. "We go more for the experience, it's a community you know whether you win or lose, we all have a good time."

The Bulldogs may not be winning over their fans right now but with half the season to go, they plan to turn the tide, and bring in a bigger red wave. Ladwig says students are great. The student section is full, loud, and proud.

They don't start selling season tickets for next year until December.
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