Studentnest hiring tutors, hourly wage and gas reimbursement provided

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno-based tutoring service is taking action to support Fresno Unified students, but they need more help.

Studentnest is looking to add 70 new hires to its team and it's not just for tutoring. From scheduling coordinators to supervisors, they need it all.

Jennifer Salcido has been tutoring with Studentnest for over 3 years.

"When I first started, I didn't know I wanted to focus on working with students, but then I fell in love with working with students, being able to assist them and be that support for them," said Salcido.

She says tutoring students of all ages over the past few years, introduced her to a new passion.

"It was through Studentnest that I become motivated to pursue a graduate program," added Salcido.

While many tutors at Studentnest share a similar story to Jennifer, there's simply not enough of them. The company is actively hiring and looking for tutors available both virtually and in person.

"By the time schools reopened, people were tired of virtual tutoring, so we've kind of gone hybrid." explained Studentnest CEO Monika Joshi. "We do partially in person and partially virtual."

"They're two different experiences being online and being in-person," said tutor Hillary Martinez. "It's just a totally different experience."

In addition to a starting salary of $17 an hour, gas stipends are also provided. Allowing tutors a flexible schedule and giving them the opportunity to help students across the Valley that need it most.

"The students we work with come from a variety of different backgrounds," said Salcido. "Low income, at-risk youth, a lot of students don't have their parents with them."

To apply, you must have at least 60 units of college credit and some tutoring experience.

To apply, email your resume to You can also visit their website for more info.
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