Airports preparing for a busy spring break with new security procedures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Just in time for spring break, the Transportation Security Administration is unveiling stronger security screening procedures at airports, including at Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

The removal of footwear is still necessary at the security checkpoint, and now the TSA also wants to also get a look at all your carry-on electronic devices larger than a cell phone. That includes tablets, e-readers, and large headphones. All of the devices must all be placed in a bin and scanned.

"Smaller electronics can be placed in a bin together, but they cannot be stacked," said Lorie Dankers of the Transportation Security Administration. "In addition, you cant put your shoes on top of it. The X-Ray operator needs to get a clear view of the electronics."

Also new, travelers are now required to place all liquids from their carry-on bag into a bin by itself for screening.

"We like to have all of those in a quart size bag. If you don't have one, we still ask you to put that in the bin so we can get a clear view of that," said Dankers.

Officials are rolling out the changes just in time for the heavy travel season. The TSA is projecting a 20% bump in the number of departing passengers at FYI during the spring break travel time.

"The busiest time is this Friday through Sunday, April 1st," said Dankers.

The big takeaway is to get to the airport early and give yourself plenty of time if you're planning to fly over the next few weeks.
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