As fog rolls into the Valley, CHP has advice for drivers during Holiday travel

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Holidays like Thanksgiving bring a lot traffic and we have seen how bad it can get-- like the gridlock on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles Tuesday.

Fortunately the Central Valley does not usually leave motorists sitting standstill like that but it does have its on set of problems. One of which is fog.

"In the Central Valley that brings tule fog and that brings unpredictable patches of fog and it can be very dense," said Sergeant Leonard Sherman, California Highway Patrol.

Sgt. Sherman said tule fog has led to hundreds of collisions. And areas in the Central Valley over the next could days could experience it as people travel back home.

"If it is foggy biggest thing they can do is leave early and try to make their travel during the middle of the day because the fog does burn off when the temperature increases."

Other tips CHP said drivers should consider are driving at a lower speed to ensure safety. Officers also say use low beams because high beams will increase the glare and if seeing what is in front of you is extremely difficult,
lower your car window and use your ears to listen to the pavement noise your tires are making as they approach an intersection.

Those are suggestions Joshua Ramirez is hoping he will not have to use. He is driving back home to LA and he thinks since he is leaving Thanksgiving night as opposed to Friday morning he will be a lot safer.

"You never know with other drivers can be reckless, even if you're driving safe, so it's always good beat the fog."

If you see Highway Patrol units on the freeway with lights on pacing back and forth that is a warning sign for drivers to let them know dangerously dense fog is ahead.

CHP is also focusing on motorists driving under the influence. So far they have had 10 cases of it during this Thanksgiving holiday.
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