Workout Wednesday: Triceps Workout

Focusing on a specific muscle will help define it-- let's take the triceps. When you are working the triceps, you want to try a variety of angles to get maximum benefits.

The first exercise is a superset combining dumbbell triceps kicks with a set of fitcord triceps extensions. Begin in a lung position, or sitting, slightly bent forward, arms bent at the sides, elbows tucked in and kick back weights concentrating on squeezing the triceps tight. After a set of these advance quickly to the fitcord where you will do a set of triceps extensions.

Facing the bar where your fitcord is attached, with straight arms at your sides, press back tightening the triceps. You want to take a longer rest before your next set when you are doing superset's.

The next exercise is a triceps overhead press with the fitcord again, this time facing away from the point where the fitcord is attached. Bend the elbows with hands above your head, palms forward and extend forward and back squeezing the triceps- again resting between sets.

Targeting a specific muscle, in this case, the triceps, will earn you the maximum benefit of a lean and defined muscle. Remember always make sure you work-out at your fitness level.

You don't want to go too heavy on this exercise all at once and remember to give the muscles time to repair and grow.
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