Still without heat, Summerset Village residents brace for freezing temperatures overnight

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday night, two older Summerset Village residents could be seen pulling tarp over their plants ahead of a dip in temperatures overnight.

Unfortunately there's only so much residents of the apartment complex in Central Fresno can do to protect themselves from the biting cold they've endured for more than two weeks since their gas system failed and the lines were turned off.

But a hot shower and meal can go a long ways, and volunteers were still on hand to provide both.

"We were able to provide it in a Styrofoam cup, a nice warm cup so they can take it home someplace where it's a little warmer than out here where it's only like 40 something degrees," said Dennis Oxford, of California Southern Baptist Convention.

Summerset resident Kylene Neuberger uses her electric skillet to heat water for her kids' baths. But compared to other residents, she feels lucky to have enough blankets and space heaters to feel comfortable inside.

"Yeah, I'm very concerned," she said. "Elderly, children, I worry about them."

And colder temperatures are cause for more concern, especially with weeks to go before the problem is fixed, meaning residents will have to stay strong.

"(We) got no choice, have to. We can do it," Neuberger said.

But at the Christmas Tree Carnival in Northeast Fresno, the cold added to the holiday spirit. Keeping their four year old warm was a priority for one couple searching for the perfect tree.

The cold was also the last thing on little Athena's mind, as her father took her on a few carnival rides.

"With my daughter I have to be walking and running all the time, that's how I stay warm and she (doesn't) think of the cold," said Jorge, Athena's father.
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